A little about me and the baking sutra!

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The Baking Sutra - Baking made easy!
The Baking Sutra – Baking made easy!

Welcome aboard with Jayshree – the face, mind and soul behind The Baking Sutra – to the mirthful journey of baking.

A software professional now working 24X7 @mommyhood call centre embracing the world of baking with the knowledge and experience gained through various success and failure baked with love in my oven.

Coming from a non baking background/culture, I dare to step into the world of baking with the hope to find a niche for my passion.

“Do not go where the path may lead,

Go instead where there’s no path and leave a trail”

– anonymous

Baking is easy and satisfying and moreover it’s fun! It’s fun to learn how the raising agents work, how a cake rise, how a dough turns into a delectable loaf and how a little mistake can turn your bakes into disaster. And yeah every disaster is a learning opportunity.

I am sure you dropped here not by chance but because you are also a passionate soul who likes to explore your boundaries to get the feeling of self-worth or accomplishment or just to see the smile on the face of your loved ones!

At The Baking Sutra you will not only find the tried and tested ( and tasted) recipes but will get to know the basics of baking by focussing on basic measuring techniques, role of the ingredients, preparation method and importance of following the recipe.

To give an ode to my source of inspiration, you will also find many classic recipes from master bakers Julia Child, Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Lorraine Pascale to name few.

The Baking Sutra will also help you expand your wings with the contemporary baking. Use your imagination and turn your brownies into palatable pie! Isn’t it amazing to see how the ingredients come to life inside a warm oven?

So come on…let’s get baking!

Gather your ingredients, measure them, mix them with a pinch of love and let the magic work.

And if, by chance, you had a bad experience while baking and you have developed baking phobia then you have come to the right place. I could not even reheat a pizza in my oven 6 years back!

So no more hiding from the yeast or trembling hands while frosting a cake. All you need is to follow the recipe and have patience.

I would love to hear from you if you try any recipe or want to give your suggestions/feedback or if you are looking for a particular recipe.

Every interaction is welcome and will be an added value. Drop me a line at thebakingsutra@gmail.com

On your mark, Get Set BAKE!!

6 thoughts on “A little about me and the baking sutra!”

  1. I’m really really really happy to see you as a blogger. Something which was just in words, a couple of days back is now existing !!
    The recipe is so well explained .
    Your all time follower is here sweetie ?

  2. Wishing you all the success as a blogger, Jayshree … rather I would say an “easy baker -blogger” 🙂 …..

  3. All kudos to you Mausi….. Congrats on your first step as a blogger…. your blogs leave my taste buds craving like anything…..!!!
    PS: I see new Nigella Lawson in the making…. All the Best!!! 🙂

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